We are currently in Delaware spending the last day of vacation visiting family. As we told you in our last blog that we were waiting for the social worker to contact us, but she was on vacation. Of course, she is now home and ready to meet with us, and we are hours from home.

We will arrive home late tomorrow night. Next week, we both have doctor's appointments to have our medical exams done for our home study and for our dossier. We both have to meet with the social worker individually, and then she will come visit our home and speak with both of us. We are hoping we can have this all done before Rachel goes back to school. This is the last big thing besides the FBI finger printing that has to be done before we can send everything to Ethiopia. We are also still waiting on Jeffrey's birth certificate so please pray that it comes soon! We just have a minor things besides passport photos (we already have our passports but we still have to get passport photos).

Even though we were on vacation, we didn't stop thinking about our baby and Ethiopia. We found the Ethiopian flag at Rockefeller Center, and we also took Rachel's picture with a ticker on the street that has the name of last emperor of Ethiopia on it. We did some research and like many leaders, he did some good for Ethiopia and for Africa, but he also wasn't the best man in the world either. From what we quickly read in an article from New York Times, he was a a greedy man who did a lot of things to better himself and not his people.

We want our baby to know that before he or she was even born we loved them so much and thought about them all the time. We also want to educate ourselves on Ethiopia, so we can do our best to teach our child his/her culture. We want our child to be proud to be an American citizen, but we also want our child to be proud of his/her African heritage.

We will continue to keep you all updated on the home study process. Please pray that everything goes smoothly.


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