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If you have been following my post, you know that we are on an unofficial list with moms and dads who are also adopting from Ethiopia from our adoption agency. In a post a while back, I said that I wasn't going to look at the list till June 28th because at times the list can be more discouraging than encouraging.

In keeping my word, I haven't looked at the list; however, I am a part of a Yahoo group and a Facebook group that sometimes gives me a little idea of where we are on the list due to people posting they have received their referral. Now, even though these social medias have given me a hint in the past, I still really haven't had a clear idea of where we were until I looked at the list. As I have been keeping myself from the list, I found it kind of odd that no one was posting about referrals. Maybe they all read my blog and wanted to keep me from knowing anything =)

Yesterday, a mom posted on the Facebook group that there has not been any referrals for two months! …


With all the craziness of last week, I forgot to mention that May 22nd marked one year since we started the whole adoption process. Although this year has had many ups and downs regarding our adoption, I would not want it any other way. We know we are doing what we have been called to do. I am so honored to be on this precious mission that I am so unqualified for. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged us through this first year of our journey. Please continue to do so as we still have quite a distance to go. We love you.


SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! This time last year, we were gathering lots and lots of documents relating to the adoption process! As happy as I am that the paper-chasing is over, we will still be plenty busy with things regarding Baby Woodson.

On the top of our summer list is to get our house ready. Tonight, we will be installing new basement windows, so daddy can move his drum set downstairs. My first summer project will be clearing out the office and organizing everything.  The office will be Baby Woodson's room if we are still in this house when he/she arrives. We are thinking about possibly putting our house on the market. We aren't in hurry to move, so we thought it doesn't hurt to try. We know it is a great time to buy; it just isn't the best time to sell. So whether we move or stay, we have plenty of little things to do around the house this summer.

Another big task I am hoping to accomplish is to apply for an adoption grant. We have found one organization that we reall…

Wasn't expecting that one!

WOW! I really didn't see the emotions of Mother's Day to hit me like they did. I was much more of a mess than I had expected.

I know many people may not view me as a mother, but I really do feel like one. There is a baby growing inside my heart, and I love him/her so dearly. For those of you who have never been to church on Mother's Day, it can be a hard service to attend if you are not with your baby.

I walked out of the service during the part where they recognized all the mothers. Our church prays for mothers who have lost children or are not able to conceive, but it was just a little much for me to be in there. I apologize to those of you who crossed my path on Sunday, and I couldn't hold in the tears. Thank you for being so supportive.

As you can see from the post below, I have a very supportive husband who made the day much better. I also want to thank my dear friend, Tonyell, and my sister for the Mother's Day cards.

Although it was a rough day, I was honore…

Mother's Day

Hi. This is Jeffrey. This is my first but not last post on our blog. I thought it was fitting that I posted on our blog for Mother's Day. In the spirit of being very transparent, we are so thankful for what this day represents, the wonderful and amazing women we call "Mom." They raised us and taught us so much, endured the good and the bad, took care of us when we were sick, encouraged us when we were down, and loved us unconditionally.

Unfortunately this day is also a bitter/sweet reminder of the long journey still ahead of us till a little one calls Rachel "Mommy." I can't wait for that day, I really can't. What can I say? She is going to be the absolute best mom EVER! She is the most amazing, beautiful, selfless, strongest woman I know. It takes a very special person, to embark on this journey to bring an orphan from across the globe into their loving home. She has continued to endure every interesting, ignorant, puzzling, and frustrating question ab…