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One Month

In one month, you have turned our world upside down. This one month has been the happiest, most difficult, emotional, tiring, and sweetest experience. I can't even imagine what this month has been like for you.

You have shown us so much more of who you are than we ever could have discovered through videos, pictures, and monthly updates.

You are unique and special, and there are many days that we are still in awe that you are home.

You are funny and silly, but try to keep it cool around most people. We were always told you were very serious, so we feel quite special to see you laughing, relaxing, and just enjoying yourself.

You are so very brave. You have been thrown into this new place that is completely different from everything that is familiar to you. Your curiosity has opened lots of new doors literally and figuratively. You have discovered so many new and exciting things this month. You have given experiences second chances when you were afraid the first time, and you have so…