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Not the Update I Wanted to Share

We know that many of you are anticipating our court date and our travel ALMOST as much as we are! We have literally been stalking our mailbox all week for our approval letter that was supposed to come any time now. I kid you not, I went to the mailbox three times yesterday just to make sure, and Jeffrey has been running home on his lunch break every day to check.

We don't know if it is because of the Easter holiday or some other reason, but it still hasn't come yet. Once we receive the letter, we scan it and email it to our adoption agency and within a week, we should have a court date. A week after that, we should be in Ethiopia.

So yes, although we are disappointed that the letter hasn't come, this is all really exciting news, and we can't wait to hold Zane in our arms and legally become his parents.

Because we know so many of our friends and family pray for us daily and are invested in our adoption, we don't want to keep you out of the loop from what is happeni…

Bi...No, Tri... No, Quadlingual?

We know one of the challenges Zane is going to face when he comes home will be language. After doing a little more research on Zane's family, tribe, and region, I discovered that the language spoken in his first home and maybe his second was not the language that he is speaking now. 
Zane currently speaks Amharic. His nannies also speak Amharic. We had kind thought that they were maybe trying to teach him a few English words to help with his transition, but we can't help to laugh every time we hear his new "English" words.
Today, I received an adorable video of Zane waving to us and playing with a toy. Heart melting. I wish I could share it with you. The funny thing is the lady who sent me the video made the same comment that two others have made. The nannies were quite proud and wanted them to catch Zane saying goodbye to the camera. The funny thing is Zane is saying "Ciao". Yes. The ITALIAN word for goodbye. Now don't get me wrong, I think it would be a…

Ridiculous Registry

First off - To the sweet lady at Target who was trying to give me some solid advice on car seats, I am sorry for disturbing you.

A baby shower means a baby is COMING! A baby shower means the end of this waiting period is drawing near. Oh how I have longed for this celebration! There is so much to celebrate!
In the beginning of this adoption process, I thought my baby shower and registry would probably look like your typical registry. Yes, I was going to have to decide on cloth or disposable diapers, and sure I would have to decide what bottle really was the best choice, but besides those decisions, it probably wouldn't be too out of the ordinary. 
I would say much to my surprise, but nothing in this process surprises me anymore and nothing has gone quite like expected (don't get me wrong, I LOVE WHERE WE ARE AT), so of course my ordinary registry has gone out the window as I am now bringing home a toddler instead of an infant. Jeffrey and I have found that we have to find the …