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Update on Ethiopia

I wanted to write an update on what we currently know about the State of Emergency in Ethiopia.

The courts have opened which is wonderful news since that is where we are going on our first trip to Ethiopia. You may have also read on social media that we received pictures and updates of Zane! All of this may have sounded like things are back to normal, but unfortunately, they are not. The State of Emergency is set to be in place for six months.

We had a conference call with our adoption agency on Thursday, and they told us internet and cell phone use is still being limited greatly. Zane's home currently gets an hour or two of internet a day which does not allow them time to send all the emails and documents that they need to send. This also means that all of the paperwork we are currently waiting on is going much slower than usual (if that is somehow possible) due to limited time to access the internet and connect with people they need to connect with. They said to expect longer w…

Calling all Warriors

I've been stalking my emails this week because we were told we would be receiving pictures and updates on our little man. My heart leaped with joy as I saw we finally had the email we were waiting on; however, it turned out to not be what we wanted at all.

Adoption has definitely prepared me for the unexpected. Sadly, it has made me cautious to rejoice at good or promising news. We've learned that things can change in a matter of minutes or at least it seems for the better or the worse. It has showed me how so many things are out of my hands. In the wait, we have grown and learned so much for that I am so very thankful, but the wait has been far harder and painful than it has pleasant.

Today was a painful day. Today, I have been provided with two choices in how I can respond to the news I received. I can sit and cry and I may do that, or I can stand and fight the only way I know how in this current situation. We were just given the heartbreaking, gut punching news that the Prime…