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2017 Jar Moments

Most of you know that we keep a yearly jar in our house, and on New Years Eve we open it up and look back at the year. I love it because often times, we are big picture people and this jar helps us to look back at the year as a whole and see some smaller moments that we probably would have forgotten about. Our adoption consumed a lot of our jar this year which totally makes sense because this was our year for our adoption to have some jar worthy moments! The last five jars have had very little regarding our adoption because well... not a whole lot looked like it was happening.

Another reason I love this jar is because despite how our year ends (some years have ended pretty terrible), we can look back and see all of the good we encountered. Whether it be answered prayers, acts of kindness, surprises, or adventures this puts our year into a pretty great perspective.

This year we probably slacked a little more with filling our jar. Maybe it was our lack of sleep, maybe it was pure forget…

Last 4 months- 6 months home

I wish I would have been writing more, but life has happened. We are finally getting into a pretty solid routine, and we are enjoying life. Some days are hard, but God is faithful.

The work He has done and continues to do in our lives and the life of this little boy amazes me daily.