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We are so excited for the trivia night! We love you all so much! We can't wait to have a big family/friend reunion playing trivia and helping to bring Zane home! Leah has an awesome night planned with great door prizes and really fun trivia questions! Thanks for being a part of this crazy journey!
When:Saturday, November 12 at 6:15 PM Where:St. Teresa Catholic School 1108 Lebanon Ave, Belleville, Illinois  RESERVE YOUR TABLE BY EMAILING:

*Details From Leah About the Night*
1.) Please note that the trivia night is at the SCHOOL and not the church. Enter through the back doors.  
2.) Doors will open at 4:45pm and trivia will start at 6:15pm. Please have all members of your team here by 6:15 so we can start on time. 
3.) Bring food and drinks of your choice- we will be selling soda and iced tea that evening. 
4.) Bring extra money- we will have mulligans for sale for $1 a piece, raffle for a beautiful handmade afghan and a 50/50 game.
5.) Prize for 1st place and really …

Top Three Questions

Since our exciting news, we have been overwhelmed with so much love and support by all the wonderful people who are connected to us. We know that so many of you have felt like you have been on this emotional journey with us every step of the way, and we are so very thankful for your constant support through it all. We know you are all almost just as excited as us. Sorry have to say almost! WE ARE PRETTY PROUD PARENTS! With your excitement many of you have asked us lots of questions, so I am going to answer the top three questions for you.

Question #3: What do you know about him? What is his name? Do you know why he is in an orphanage? How old is he?

Answer: We know he is an absolutely adorable two year old boy. His village is in Western Ethiopia very close to Sudan.  His name is Zane meaning "Gift of God". We are naming him that, but we will be using his Ethiopian name for his middle name. We do know how he came to the orphanage, but we feel like some of Zane's story is …

The Call

August 22, 2016 started as many Mondays do. I was rushed, I couldn't find my cellphone, and I decided to leave it at home instead of searching and searching and being late for work. Jeffrey and I had just received a letter from immigration with their approval, so I had asked Jeffrey to email me during the day and on my lunch break, I would send it all to our family coordinator at the adoption agency.

Let me jump back for just one minute here. Jeffrey and I felt like we were getting close, and what I mean by close is we thought we would probably be receiving the call within a year or so. Seriously. If you looked at the unofficially list which we know now is clearly unofficial, it looked like we still had close to 15-20 people ahead of us. We knew many people had switched programs and were on hold for various reasons, but we really did't know for sure where we were. What is funny is about a week before the call, we had talked about our game plan if we ever got the call. We had J…