Now What?

As many of you know, Jeffrey and I went to our FBI fingerprinting appointment today. This was very exciting for us! Once we receive this paper from immigration, we are ready to send all our papers to our adoption agency. All of our paperwork will be reviewed and translated; they said it usually takes about two weeks till they send everything to Ethiopia.

So many of you have been asking us WHEN? WHEN? WHEN?

Last week, I received some discouraging news through a conference call from our adoption agency. They said that the current wait time is 18 months once our papers get in country. As I heard this news, I began to cry. I feel like we are getting so close, but then this news makes it feel so far away. They said that things can change, but this is the current wait time for an infant. We are falling more and more in love with this baby everyday, and are so excited to finally see his or her little face.

Many people have asked me why does this process take so long. The good thing is right now the government of Ethiopia is really trying to do a better job with their adoptions. They are trying to assure that the babies are going to good homes, and they are trying to give the parents with as much medical information that they possibly can. The bad news is that they currently do not have a very efficient way of doing what they are trying to do right. We are praying that they will come up with a more efficient way, and we are asking for you to do the same.

I know it is all going to happen at the right time even if it isn't necessarily when I want it to happen. God has a beautiful baby that is so perfect for our family and even though I hate to wait any longer, I know that all the waiting will be totally worth it.  

Please continue to pray for me and Jeffrey. Please pray for the government workers of Ethiopia, and most importantly please pray for our baby.


  1. Rachel & Jeffrey,

    I know that the process of adoption can seem to (and actually) take FOREVER! Knowing and believing that God has the perfect child waiting for you is sometimes the only comfort you will have in this whole process. :) We continue to pray for you on your journey. It's exciting to watch it all fall into place for you.

    We adopted both our boys and people say that they can't believe first of all that they are adopted and second, that they aren't biological brothers. God is stitching together the perfect family that he has for you. This little one (whether born or not at this point) is meant just for you.

    You are going to be AMAZING parents! We are praying for you through the ups and downs of this whole process!!


  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Stacy. We love hearing from people who have gone through the adoption process.


  3. Awe your story made me cry. I am praying for you guys and baby (girl) Woodson, just my feeling. Love you guys



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