On this day, people are meant to share their love for the special people in their lives. It just wouldn't seem right to ignore you on a day that totally describes how daddy and I feel about you. Even though you are so far away and it is sounding like it may be longer than mommy and daddy had hoped to meet you, WE ARE SO INCREDIBLY IN LOVE WITH YOU! It truly amazes me how we are so crazy about you, and we haven't even seen your beautiful face yet. We talk about you all the time and think about all the stuff we want to do with you when you get home. Daddy is going to have you on the drums right away, and mommy is going to make sure we are reading lots of books together =) We are sad that you aren't here with us now, and sometimes mommy and daddy don't understand all the things that go into this crazy adoption process, but we do know that YOU are out there (well maybe not yet, but you will be). We love you now even though we you may not even be born yet which is even crazier to think, but we just want you to know that before you were born, God had this all perfectly planned out that YOU would be our baby. We are excited and can't wait to meet you.


Mommy is currently reading a book about a lady and her adoption process I came across this quote and it has just stuck with me. "A part of you has grown in me...we may be apart in distance, but never in heart." -Unknown  You truly are growing stronger in our hearts each day and though it makes it hard for mommy to bare sometimes, I wouldn't want it any other way. Some people don't understand how we can be so in love with you and not even know who you are, but that's okay. We know who you are- You are our baby.

Happy Valentine's Day.



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