Father's Day #2

This is the 2nd blog post based off of Father's Day. Last Father's Day is when we told our families that we were adopting. Although they knew we were going to eventually adopt, we told them that we had started the process with a card and a picture that looked like an ultrasound of Africa. Both families were extremely supportive and excited.

Even though we knew some people waited quite a while in the adoption process to tell their friends and family, we knew we wanted to tell them rather early because we needed their support and prayers. Jeffrey and I are both so thankful to have such supportive fathers in our lives. They have supported our relationship as a couple, and now they are both standing behind us as we feel this is how we are supposed to expand our family.

Thank you dad and Jeff for being the people you are. We know that Baby Woodson is going to have some amazing grandpas; he/she already does! Baby Woodson will be a bike riding fishing machine!

It wouldn't be appropriate for me to only mention the grandpas though. I am so incredibly thankful that Baby Woodson is going to have the best daddy in the world. There are many men in the world who won't even support their own children, and Jeffrey has selflessly decided to bring in an orphan and love him/her as his own. I am so proud that I have a husband who is such an amazing man and who truly understands the heart of the Lord. I can't imagine anyone else being a better daddy.  He too is falling in love with this baby. He prays for the baby constantly and supports me with all the ups and downs that we have faced in this process. If you know Jeffrey, you know he is the most kind and real person you will ever meet. I am confident that our baby will not only have the most stylish daddy in the world, but also have the most loving daddy. I can't wait to see our baby in his arms.

Happy Father's Day to three very special and wonderful men. I love you all.


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