A Few Questions Answered (maybe)

We have had so many people ask us lots of really great questions about the adoption. We have also been wanting to make a few videos about the adoption process. So here is the first video! We're excited for more to come!



  1. Hey, I just got done watching your video. My heart is with you. We accepted the referral of a little girl in February 2016 and are still waiting to enter pair over a year later because of a missing document. Hope your paperwork has come through. This is the hardest thing God has ever asked me to do.

  2. Oh Stephanie! Praying for you. It is so difficult to be missing these moments. I thought the waiting for referral was brutal, but it became so much more when we had a face, a name, a son. Joel 2:25- The Lord says "I will give back what you have lost".


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