Ridiculous Registry

First off - To the sweet lady at Target who was trying to give me some solid advice on car seats, I am sorry for disturbing you.

A baby shower means a baby is COMING! A baby shower means the end of this waiting period is drawing near. Oh how I have longed for this celebration! There is so much to celebrate!

In the beginning of this adoption process, I thought my baby shower and registry would probably look like your typical registry. Yes, I was going to have to decide on cloth or disposable diapers, and sure I would have to decide what bottle really was the best choice, but besides those decisions, it probably wouldn't be too out of the ordinary. 

I would say much to my surprise, but nothing in this process surprises me anymore and nothing has gone quite like expected (don't get me wrong, I LOVE WHERE WE ARE AT), so of course my ordinary registry has gone out the window as I am now bringing home a toddler instead of an infant. Jeffrey and I have found that we have to find the humor in things, and this registry experience was just too hilarious not to share. 

So, here is my registry story:

It was a brisk Saturday morning, and Leah and I were ready to take on Target and all its goodness. After 10 minutes of trying to get into my Target account, we locked the account and had to use a backup email for a new account. I'm terrible with passwords! 

Once we had the scanner in hand, we were ready to roll. People know that the scanner means you are either having a baby or getting married. Leah and I headed over to the baby section. You won't be surprised to read that in the baby section at Target there are plenty of new moms who have probably recently registered and have all the latest info on all things baby. 

Mom Encounter 1 (Mom and tiny baby): Mom smiles as she sees us with the scanner. We smile back. We are standing near the sweetest little clothes, and Leah says, "Here, we go! Spiderman!" I then scan the Spiderman underwear, and mom's eyebrows raise and the bewilderment on her face could not be hidden. Leah and I smile at each other and continue to scan a few other pairs of little boy undies.

Mom Encounter 2(Mom is alone and seems to be wandering Target because she can): When she sees we are comparing car seats, she is quick to turn down the aisle and offer some helpful suggestions, a few personal reviews, and even a demonstration. I kindly listened to everything she had to say. We even wowed at her demonstration, but I couldn't resist myself. "Thank you so much for all your help, but we are wanting something that converts to a booster. We won't be rear facing." I know she thought I was the worst mom in the world. She was absolutely horrified (which she has every reason to be). She quickly put her cart in gear and got on her cell phone right away! I am sure she wanted to take my picture and report me to DCFS, but Leah and I were dying. 

We left the concerned moms in the baby section, and we headed for the toy aisle. We want Zane to have plenty of sensory opportunities and thought a mini trampoline would be a great solution for days we are stuck inside. Not as many horrified looks for sure, but definitely some interesting ones.

I enjoyed this sweet experience with lots of laughs with my amazing sister! So yes, my registry may look crazy, and maybe it is, but this is such a sweet time for celebration that has been a long time coming. Z Baby, we are ready for ya! 


  1. Glad you had some laughs and a great time picking out items for the registry....you guys deserve it! Love you...Janice


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