On Friday, June 8, 2012, we were officially accepted into the Ethiopia program. We couldn't be more excited! We have a very long process ahead of us, and ask that you pray for us through this time. We are currently setting up our home study with a social worker. We have tons of paper work that we have to collect to complete our dossier which is all of the papers that will go to the Ethiopian courts. The purpose of this blog is to keep you informed on where we are in this process. We want this to be something our friends and family get to experience with us. We honestly have no idea when our baby will be in our arms. There are lots of things that we are required to do, but there are also many variables out of our hands. Thank you for your love and support. We don't want anyone to feel pressured to donate, but we have setup a paypal account where all of the money that is donated will go towards our adoption. We are also going to have a few fundraisers throughout the adoption process to help cover expenses. We truly appreciate all of your love and support.


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