Wow! It has been a month since I last posted anything.

The month of September has been the month of getting papers, and having people notarize them, and going back and getting them fixed, and then usually going back and getting them fixed one more time! The great news is we are pretty much done with the major paperwork! Have nothing more to collect for ourselves. We are currently waiting on the notarized copy of our home study. It should be in sometime this week. As soon as we are able to pick it up, we will be shipping one of the copies along with a few other documents to US Immigration. This is when we petition to bring a foreign orphan into the US. Once we send the documents, we wait for the FBI to contact us about fingerprinting. Once we get the okay from immigration, WE FINALLY GET TO SEND OUR DOSSIER! Our dossier is a extremely large stack of precious papers that will be translated and shipped to Ethiopia.

The end of the paper-chase is definitely in sight! I can't wait for the papers to be on Ethiopian ground. This is when the real waiting begins. We will be put on a list and will be informed what number we are in the line to receive a referral. A referral is when we will be matched with a baby and given all of the information they have about her/him, and we will have the opportunity to accept or deny. The wait time varies so much, so we really have no idea. We requested an infant which is surprisingly a shorter wait time than a toddler, but much longer than an older child. We also did not request a specific gender which we are hoping will move us a long a little quicker.

We want to say a special thank you to all of our friends and family who have been so supportive of us in this exciting/terrifying/faith stretching/patience making time of our lives. We have received some awesome gently used stuff from the amazing ladies I work with and have also received an adoption photo shoot package that we are very excited about taking on November 11th! Thank you for your constant encouragement and prayers; we need them more than you probably know.

Jeffrey with new book to read to baby.
I have some exciting blog post (thoughts on naming a baby who already has a name, meeting birth mother, traveling twice to Ehtiopia, and more) I want to share with all of you once we start the actual waiting process, but until then I just want to keep everyone up to date on the part of the process we are in right now.

We love you.



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