Not Easy-Different.

The other day, I had a pregnant friend tell me that I was doing it the easy way in referring to adoption. I know she wasn't meaning to at all, but this truly hurt my feelings because she clearly doesn't understand what I am facing. I simply said, " I don't know about that", and I walked away trying to fight back tears. I am not pregnant and have never been pregnant, so I don't feel like I really have the place to compare the two. We are hoping one day after we bring baby Woodson home that I will be pregnant, and I will give you my thoughts. I think that no matter how you come to be a mother that there our challenges that you have to face. Though they may look different, it doesn't mean that one way is easier than another.

I understand that I may not be experiencing morning sickness, and my feet aren't swelling (even though they probably will on a 16-18 hour flight). I understand that my belly isn't growing (well, maybe it is but that's another issue entirely). However, I do know that it isn't easy knowing that when your baby is first born, you won't be there to hold him/her, or knowing that the first months of his/her life will probably not be what you would have planned for them if you were there. It isn't easy knowing that you have no idea when you will be with your baby. There are many nights I cry in bed about this. If I could just know, I feel like it would be so much easier. I hate the thought of going to meet my baby and spending a week in Ethiopia, and then coming home without him/her until we get another court date. I don't think a lot of people understand the love that we truly have for this child already. Sure, I may not feel them kicking, and I may not get to hear his/her heart beat, but it doesn't make it any less real that I am expecting, and that I am totally crazy about this baby.

The paper process and the financial aspect of adoption alone can be extremely exhausting and overwhelming, but I mainly wanted to focus on the emotional aspect of it, because that is where it is truly hitting me the most. I don't want this blog to sound like I am playing a little mini violin for myself here, but I do feel like I need to let people know. Please be sensitive to people's situation. If you haven't been there, be careful to assume. This isn't just about adoption, but in life in general.

I hope you understand my heart in this post. Awareness is a powerful tool. Thank you for understanding and for your continued support and prayers. We love you.  


  1. Well Said!!!! I absolutely agree!!

  2. Beautifully said! As a Momma that's gone about this both ways, I don't think I can express it any better. Love you guys and still praying!

  3. Thank you Curtis and Shari. I appreciate your support and following our blog.


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