FINALLY! WE HAVE OUR DTE (Adoption language for dossier to Ethiopia). All of our papers are on their way to Africa this very moment! We are officially waiting on our referral for our baby! No more waiting for government documents, no more waiting for signatures, no more waiting for anything else! Just waiting waiting for the moment where we get to see our baby's photo and get all of the information about him/her.

During our waiting period, we still have lots to do! We still have to get our immunizations, prepare the baby's room and the house for the baby, and I am sure a long list of other things that will come up. If the wait is longer, we may actually have to have our FBI fingerprints, our form from Immigration, and our home study updated. I am praying that won't have to happen, but we have to make sure these documents stay current.

We are currently tracking our papers via FedEx. They are currently not out of the US, but I will be sure to let you know when they reach Ethiopian soil.

The current wait time is around 18 months, but they said nothing is certain. It could happen sooner. I am hoping since we didn't specify on gender it will help decrease the wait a little.

Please continue to pray for us as we are now officially in the REAL waiting period. Our adoption agency will be sending weekly emails of encouragement and updates. We will of course be keeping all our friends and family up to date. I am also very excited to write some blogs about topics I have been wanting to share about adoption.


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