Merry Christmas, Baby

Most of our post are to inform our friends and family about how the process is going, but this post is for Baby W.

Merry Christmas, baby!

This Christmas has been one of the best so far. Even though you weren't here with us, you were talked about, you received gifts, and you were prayed for by Aunt Janeece.  Baby, mommy and daddy don't know if you will be with us next Christmas, but we are really hoping this was our last Christmas without you. You already hold such a special part in the Woodson and the Jones family Christmas celebrations, and we can't wait for you to be here. We are all so excited about you coming home. Mommy and daddy sometimes wonder if you are even born yet. If you are, we are praying you were held, loved, and comforted this Christmas since mommy and daddy couldn't be there with you. If you aren't born yet, we are praying for your birth mommy and that she is being held, loved, and comforted this Christmas. We currently don't understand the circumstance of how you are coming to us, but we know that is all in God's bigger plan not only for your life but for our lives. We are praying for you and all the people who are currently taking care of you and who are currently in your life.  We know that these people love you too. You are so loved. We're going to end this letter, because well, you can't read but mommy and daddy wanted to document that Christmas 2012 you were already a big part of our celebrations. We love you.

Daddy always says he doesn't really have a way with words, but your daddy is very artistic (I hope you learn a lot of stuff from him) and I think this picture he took on Christmas Eve really says all he needs to say. Those are daddy's shoes in the picture with yours.

Merry Christmas.
Mom and Dad


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