Adoption Conference

Two weeks ago, Jeffrey and I had the opportunity to attend an adoption conference. You may wonder what an adoption conference is all about. Well, there may be many different types, but this one was more to equip parents with knowledge and strategies for once your child is home.

Though we still have a long wait ahead of us, we want to be proactive in educating ourselves and investing in our children even before they are here.

Many people who adopt think that they are going to face the same challenges that everyone faces with their biological children, and although these challenges still exist, many times people who adopt will sometimes face other challenges. This can be a little scary when thinking about some of these challenges, but we want to be wise and prepare for the unexpected. We are of course praying for a healthy baby- body and mind, but when you have lived the first part of your life in extreme poverty, are malnourished, and have been in an institution, there may be some emotional, physical, and psychological needs/delays that will need to be addressed.

The conference was very informative, and Jeffrey and I are still processing much of the information, but we are so honored and excited to be the parents of this beautiful child that is waiting for us, and we are waiting for them. We want to be able to meet all of the needs of our children whether they are biological or adopted, and we know that every child and every adoption is different.

Jeffrey said the thing that he really took from the conference was that maybe God didn't call us to adopt to make this huge impact on this child, but maybe God called us to adopt to make a huge change in us. We have been so humbled, stretched, and strengthened through this process, and we aren't even to the best part yet!


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