Questions and Answers

There have been lots of questions about our adoption, and we thought we would clear some things up.

Q. Why aren't you adopting from the US?
 A. We absolutely understand that there are many children in the United States that need to be adopted. We just feel that Ethiopia is the place we are called to adopt from.

Q. Why are you adopting instead of becoming pregnant?
A. We feel that this is how we are supposed to add to our family. It is not a second choice but the very way we see our family growing through God's grace and faithfulness.

Q. Why is international adoption so expensive?
A.There are many fees that go into international adoption. We have to first of all travel to Ethiopia twice; the traveling alone is a huge expense. We have to have home studies, and there is a ton of paper work for both the US and Ethiopia.We have to get FBI background checks and fingerprinting which cost almost $1,000. There are also program fees, adoption training, and Visa and Embassy fees. Not to mention all our immunizations. This is just a small list on the large list of things we have to pay for in the very long process.

Q. When will you get to bring your baby home?
A. IF ONLY WE KNEW THE ANSWER! There are many variables that come into play when adopting internationally. If you have ever traveled overseas, you know that other countries do not operate like the US.

Q. How old will your baby be when you arrive home?
A. We are applying for an infant-toddler boy or girl. The age range for infants is 0-36 months.


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