Monthly Conference Call

Yesterday, we listened to our adoption agency's monthly conference call. I will say that these conference calls can be very discouraging. There hasn't been one referral the whole month of November, and there was only one in October.

With our government and the Ethiopian government both having shut downs, things have definitely been moving slowly. Not to mention that there is now another step that we have to go through with our government. We are praying for a flood of referrals to come soon!

We were happy to hear that several families have cleared embassy and have brought their children home during this drought of referrals. I assure you the referrals have nothing to due with lack of children. There are plenty of children who need homes; they just are paper ready to be placed with a family. This process is confusing, frustrating, and challenging, but we know in the end it will be so worth it.

One thing I am sure about is that I do feel we picked a great adoption agency that has a lot of integrity and does things the right way which may not always be the fastest (sadly there are adoption agencies that are more about the money), but we feel they definitely have the child at their more important interest, and we respect that.

We pray that you all have a blessed Thanksgiving. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We love you.


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