Superman's Mother

Last night, my family watched the new Superman movie. Although most people probably wouldn't really focus on the adoption aspect of the movie, it obviously gripped me. Don't get me wrong, I loved the special effects (especially on my parents' 3-D TV).

In the movie, the story starts in Krypton where Kal-El's parents have to make the tough decision to send their baby to a world far far away. As you watch the movie, you see how this was a difficult decision for his mother. She had after all just carried him in her womb and gave birth to him. She clearly loved her son, but knew he would not make it in their world, so she chose to send him somewhere else.

I think sometimes as an adoptive mother, it can be easy for me to feel the pain and longing for this child who has a special place in my heart, but to forget that adoption comes from a much more painful place than just my waiting. I never want to forget about the woman who is probably enduring so much more pain than I can never imagine. Although I truly believe that adoption is a beautiful story, it does not come without pain, and it is not founded on something lovely. Although it is our first option, I know it is not the mommy's on the other side of the world. Somehow our baby became an orphan and through whatever route that may be, it was not a happy one. Right now, we have no idea who our baby's birth mother is. We won't know if our baby is an orphan due to death/disease or for other circumstances (commonly poverty) until we receive all our papers, but whatever the reason, I want our baby to know that he/she has two mommies that love him/her so much.
This woman who I do not know but hope to meet if she is still alive is so much braver and stronger than me. Yes, I am receiving this baby as my own, but she is giving this child up and trusting me with her own. Though this journey is difficult and I know we have many more challenges ahead, I never want to lose sight that I am not the only one facing challenges in this process. I am so honored to be the one who will be raising this child. I pray for my superman or superwoman's mommy; in my eyes she is the true hero. Please pray for her and for our baby.

*I also loved the adoption story with Superman's adoptive parents, but I don't want to focus on that because I don't want to take away from this post's purpose. Another blog for another time.


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