With November being National Adoption Month, I wanted to   
               provide our friends and family with simply ways to educate
               themselves about adoption and orphans. My goal is to write at least
               one opportunity a week. Some weeks I may get a little ambitious  
               and write more than one!

               This week is easy. All you have to do is watch a movie. Months  
               ago, I told you all about a movie that was being shown in theaters.
               This movie is now available on Netflix. Click here.

You can also borrow the movie from us. We have it at our house. We wanted to have a showing at our house this month, but with Thanksgiving and other prior engagements, it was hard to find the time.

The movie is about four orphans around the world. The film shows how some international adoption laws are making it almost impossible for orphans to come home. There are children who have families who are ready to bring them home, but they are stuck in the orphanages with not much hope to get out. VIDEO TRAILER


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