Perspective of Time

This week at work the ladies were all talking about how they just wish time would slow down. They all have children in various stages of life, but it seemed like it was an unanimous vote that their children were growing too fast and time needed to just slow down. As we were sitting at the table, I could not help but thinking that I was wishing that time would just fly by; I actually said it.

Lately, I have found myself just wishing time away.  I am struggling with being patient as we set in for this unknown waiting period. I am so just ready to meet my baby, hold my baby, and bring my baby home. When I came home from work after our conversation, I really started thinking about this time in my life.

Although I am so ready for Baby Woodson to make his/her arrival, I want make the most of this time in my life and enjoy what I have. Lately, I have been busy wishing time away that I have forgotten that I am still living life now, and need to embrace and enjoy this time in life as well.

This is the time in life where we can go on date nights every week and not worry about getting a sitter. We can operate on our schedules and not worry about naps, feedings, and bedtimes. This is the time of life where Jeffrey and I have a quiet house in the evenings and have plenty of alone time with each other. These are the last moments that we will be living by ourselves for a long time! Yes, life does still have many great things to offer us right now.

I think so many times we get wrapped up in the future that we forget to stop and enjoy the present. Life is great now, too. I am trying to keep this perspective as I wait. In this crazy journey, I will not wait for happiness, but I will travel this journey with it.

Pray for me, because it won't be easy! 


  1. I completely understand your perpective on time! We are waiting (sometimes impatiently) for our Ethiopian adoption as well. We are looking at a possible 3+ years before we reach our referrals. Ick. But, I know that we must try to make good us of this time with each other and preparing for our child/ren.

    Many blessings to you two!


    1. Jessica,

      Thank you so much for posting. I checked out your blog last night. My sister told me you donated an item to our trivia night. Thank you so much for your generosity. Blessings to you as well.


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