Mother's Day

Hi. This is Jeffrey. This is my first but not last post on our blog. I thought it was fitting that I posted on our blog for Mother's Day. In the spirit of being very transparent, we are so thankful for what this day represents, the wonderful and amazing women we call "Mom." They raised us and taught us so much, endured the good and the bad, took care of us when we were sick, encouraged us when we were down, and loved us unconditionally.

Unfortunately this day is also a bitter/sweet reminder of the long journey still ahead of us till a little one calls Rachel "Mommy." I can't wait for that day, I really can't. What can I say? She is going to be the absolute best mom EVER! She is the most amazing, beautiful, selfless, strongest woman I know. It takes a very special person, to embark on this journey to bring an orphan from across the globe into their loving home. She has continued to endure every interesting, ignorant, puzzling, and frustrating question about our adoption and respond with grace and class. She amazes me every day with what she is capable of even when she doesn't realize it. This experience has continued to teach us about faith and trust in the midst of not seeing the physical fruit. She has stayed faithful through the hardships and confusion and remained strong when it feels right to just give up. I am so happy our baby will have a mother who loves him/her unconditionally and will go the distance for them.

To all the mothers still waiting for your little ones; Today is your day.


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