SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! This time last year, we were gathering lots and lots of documents relating to the adoption process! As happy as I am that the paper-chasing is over, we will still be plenty busy with things regarding Baby Woodson.

On the top of our summer list is to get our house ready. Tonight, we will be installing new basement windows, so daddy can move his drum set downstairs. My first summer project will be clearing out the office and organizing everything.  The office will be Baby Woodson's room if we are still in this house when he/she arrives. We are thinking about possibly putting our house on the market. We aren't in hurry to move, so we thought it doesn't hurt to try. We know it is a great time to buy; it just isn't the best time to sell. So whether we move or stay, we have plenty of little things to do around the house this summer.

Another big task I am hoping to accomplish is to apply for an adoption grant. We have found one organization that we really want to apply to. There are many organizations that offer adoption grants, but giving all our information to organizations is a little frightening to me. You really want to do some researching on the companies and choose one you trust. Many of the companies require you to pay an application fee, so we could possibly end up losing money if we do not get accepted. The one we have selected has different deadlines throughout the year, and I am hoping to meet the summer deadline. Please pray that we are chosen for the grant. Lots of people apply but only a few are selected. 

Also relating to our adoption funds on this summer's list is fundraising. Two of our dear friends have decided to throw us fundraisers this summer. I will be sending out more details as they get closer. One will be a 31 Party (it is a company that makes all kinds of really cute totes and bags) on June 13th. Our friend is giving us all of the commission that is made from the party! Our friends will be able to attend the party at our friend's house, or they will be able to order online. THANK YOU, Teresa! Like I said, more details coming soon! The other fundraiser is going to be a Zumbathon on July 20th. Our friend Myra is a Zumba instructor, and she has offered to instruct an exciting morning of Zumba! 100% of all the ticket sales will be towards our adoption. THANK YOU, Myra! More info will be coming soon about both of these opportunities, but I wanted to put the dates out there.

I am so thankful that summer is here! I am looking forward to spending more time with friends and family! Jeffrey and I are both participating in summer sports leagues, and I will also be leading my summer walking group. Although we will be busy, it will be a different kind of busy, and I am looking forward to it!


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