If you have been following my post, you know that we are on an unofficial list with moms and dads who are also adopting from Ethiopia from our adoption agency. In a post a while back, I said that I wasn't going to look at the list till June 28th because at times the list can be more discouraging than encouraging.

In keeping my word, I haven't looked at the list; however, I am a part of a Yahoo group and a Facebook group that sometimes gives me a little idea of where we are on the list due to people posting they have received their referral. Now, even though these social medias have given me a hint in the past, I still really haven't had a clear idea of where we were until I looked at the list. As I have been keeping myself from the list, I found it kind of odd that no one was posting about referrals. Maybe they all read my blog and wanted to keep me from knowing anything =)

Yesterday, a mom posted on the Facebook group that there has not been any referrals for two months! Two months! My heart dropped. So even though I haven't looked at the list, I know that we have not moved at all. We are still in the exact same spot we were two months ago. We don't really know what the hold up is. I have talked to other moms who have been waiting for much longer than us, and they said that the referrals sometimes come in waves. We are praying for a huge wave of referrals to come.

The moms of my group have committed to praying at 9pm their time zone specifically for the Ethiopian government and for the papers to begin moving. I am asking all our family and friends to please agree with us. This is beyond me and Jeffrey. This is beyond our family. This is about the fact that there are millions of orphans in Ethiopia, and though not all of them have families here in the US many of them do. Many of them are sitting in orphanages unaware that they have a family on the other side of the world fighting, praying, and falling in love with them.

I am asking for you to please pray for the government workers and for all the papers that are just sitting there. Pray that the referrals will come. As a mommy whose baby is half way around the world, this is the best thing I can think to do and to ask of our family and friends. I know many people say they are praying or going to pray, but today I urge you to take at least one day out of the week and pray for this specific request.

Psalm 107:28-30 Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress. He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Then they were glad that the waters were quiet, and he brought them to their desired haven.

For some children, this is the difference between life and death. One family a few months ago lost the baby they had been referred to because their baby was sick and malnourished. Many of the causes of death are easily prevented here in the US, but are much bigger problems in third world countries.

Thank you for your continual support. We love you and are so honored to be on this mission.


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