Getting Real with the Numbers

"When are you guys leaving?"
"You guys have all your money! That is exciting!"
"I can't wait to meet the baby this summer!"
"So do you guys have the baby room ready? When is your baby shower?"
"I'm so happy you guys are so close!"

These statements and so much more seem to be the opening to a lot of conversations we have had lately. Since this has been happening much more than I had expected, I want to clear some things up.

First of all, I want to talk about the fundraising. Yes, we were extremely blessed by the trivia night, and we were so happy to raise such a large amount of money, but that was just a portion of what we still need to raise. We have wanted to be really open and honest with everyone in this whole process. We have totaled up what we still owe and have subtracted what we have raised and saved, and we still have a total of $17, 563! Yes, international adoption is extremely expensive. So no, our fundraising and our need for support is not over. We do not want to overwhelm all our friends and family with fundraiser after fundraiser, but we are planning on having a few more. We are praying that some of you will feel lead to give in ways that others cannot. We have said this before, but we know that many of our friends and family see the need to rescue orphans and bring them into loving homes. We know that many of you have already gave on our behalf and for that we cannot thank you enough. For those of you still considering, we ask you to please pray about giving on our behalf. We do have a place on the right side of this blog where you can donate online straight to our adoption agency. Please make sure you follow the directions below the picture on our blog to make sure your donation goes to our behalf. You can also mail us or personally give it to us. We know that the Lord has called us to bring this child from Ethiopia into our home and be a part of our family, and we know that the Lord is going to provide everything that we need in order to do so. I have had many nights where I have been stressed and worried about the finances that are linked to this adoption, but I am now standing firm in my faith and trusting that all things work for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

Okay, that was a long first. We have just wanted to be very honest this entire process. If you want to know more about our finances, please don't hesitate to ask. We have a list of things and how much they cost to get the number that we have, but I didn't want to write out a huge list of every detail. I will gladly share it though.

Okay so now to the next big question.... WHEN IS THIS BABY COMING?
REAL ANSWER: WE HAVE NO IDEA! However, we have a pretty good estimate that it will not be this year. Ethiopian adoptions are taking much longer than they used to for a variety of many reasons. Many people assumed that with our trivia night, the baby was coming super soon; however, we knew we had such a large amount of money to raise that we needed to get started on fundraising right away!

I can tell you that many of the families that are bringing home their children right now have been waiting for 2 years since their papers arrived in Ethiopia. Although we are praying that things go faster than they look, we want everyone to be aware so you can be praying for us during this long waiting period.  There are many nights like last night where I just cry. The thought of having to wait two more years seems unbearable. I am not saying it will be two years, but we probably have at least another year possibly more. Our papers have only been in Ethiopia since December. A group of moms that are adopting from Ethiopia from our adoption agency have pretty much got the system down, and have made an unofficial list of everyone who is waiting. Right now, we are #82 for a boy and number #81 for a girl. It seems crazy that in a country full of orphans that it would take so long. Government regulations and requirements have really tightened up, and they are really examining each family and case much more closely than they have in the past.

So in what turned out to be a much longer post than I had expected, here is the short version of the numbers:
Cost remaining: $17,563
Time remaining: Not certain, but most likely at least a year or more ahead of us.

Like always, we ask that you please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We love you.


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