I know I posted about this film a while back ago, but here is an update!

STUCK is a new award-winning documentary film, produced by Both Ends Burning that uncovers the personal, real-life stories of children and parents navigating a rollercoaster of bureaucracy on their journeys through the international adoption system, each filled with hope, elation – and sometimes heartbreak.

STUCK steps into the complex human experience of adoption, exploring the challenges faced by birth parents, prospective adoptive parents – and children.

The film follows Tihun from Ethiopia, Nate from Vietnam, and Erickson and Therline from Haiti on their individual voyages from orphanages in their native countries to their homes with families in the United States. Filmmaker Thaddaeus Scheel tracks the chapters in the lives of these four children, and the three couples seeking to be their parents, revealing along the way the intense hope and disappointment they experience on the odyssey to unite as families. Some stories are heartwarming, showing incredible examples of kids who blossom after joining their families, while others offer insight into the emotional and physical impact institutional life can have on these kids.

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THIS FRIDAY, APRIL 19th YOU CAN SEE STUCK IN STL! It is playing at AMC Chesterfield for one night! The cost is $15. To buy tickets go to
Unfortunately, Jeffrey is playing drums so we won't be able to attend the showing. I really wish we could! We are however going to buy the movie and invite friends and family to come see it! Educate yourself on the world of international adoption.

Watch the trailer by clicking on the link below!

STUCK Trailer


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